Nikki Farmer is a recent graduate from UNSW Art & Design with a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Graphics Media and Ceramics, as well as a Bachelor of Media in Public Relations and Advertising. She has worked as a junior graphic designer for both charitable and retail organisations, and has had professional experience with ceramic designer, Milly Dent. Nikki has developed a strong understanding of client requirements and brand guidelines, while applying knowledge of software from the Adobe Suite such as, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Lightroom. She is competent in ceramic production with a strong understanding of slip casting, glaze application and firing practices.
Her interests lie in contemporary art and design for visual communication and print media and the tangibility and physical capabilities of graphic design - Nikki’s ceramic practice is a harmonious combination of 2D graphic exploration and 3D ceramic objects. She finds it very important as a graphic designer to step away from the screen and engage in hand produced work.
University of New South Wales 2015-2019
Bachelor in Design (Hons) and Media (PR & Advertising)

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